Hey there! I'm Lee Yanco, a Product Manager based out of New York City.

Currently Senior PM at Google, formerly PM at Pivotal Labs, and AppNexus.I'm a practitioner of user research and validation, a proponent of healthy intra-team communication, and a champion of only building The Next Most Important Thing.

Check out my latest post on Medium (April 27, 2020):

How to Write the Perfect Product Manager Resume
In the resume stage of a job application, you must be your own source of proof. Your PM resume needs to be structured to “prove” that you have the required skill set to do the job, and you do that through precisely framing stories and accomplishments that accurately convey your job competencies to the reader.
The goals of your resume are to demonstrate sufficient experience to get that first interview and to give the interviewers easy stories to ask you about. When your resume is well-written, you’ll not only drastically increase the success rate of your job applications, you’ll also easily sail through the subsequent behavioral (fit) interview.Let’s go through my favorite exercise to improve your resume.Read more...
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